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JBL on WWE Network, JBL and Cole Show and weight loss challenge
Author: JBL
March 6th 2014 -

Addicted to WWE Network, there I admitted it. On our podcast Michael Cole and I discuss the revenue numbers potential of Network versus PPV. I think it’s truly a revolutionary concept-and I love the content, my golf game is going to suffer due to time spent on Network.

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A lot of folks ask about Chicago, I LOVE Chicago-one of greatest wrestling cities in the world. I have always loved wreslting there. One of my first matches there was a ‘go over’ match on a live event with Barry Horowitz-I was just supposed to get my character over, I catch Barry in a cross body and he accidentally elbows me in the eye and busts me wide open, so end of match has my hand raised with blood all over me-so much for just ‘going over’.

Thank goodness I had a family member, my Uncle Zeb, accompany me to hospital-back then we didn’t have a doctor to sew us up in building so I went to a Chicago emergency room on Friday night, quite the experience.

I don’t know any facts on CM Punk-I had the honor of wrestling Punk in his first main events in WWE, including a cage match in Madison Square Garden. I have always enjoyed Punk and being around him, I certainly wish him the best-hope he comes back, but whatever happens my best to him. 

Road to Wrestlemania! My favorite time of year. This Mania looks to be awesome. So happy for my dear friend Paul Bearer going into the Hall of Fame.

Also, love the fact Hulk Hogan is back-Wrestlemania’s success had so much to do with him, it’s appropriate he is back.

Michael Cole and I are still on our weight loss challenge. I had Mt Elbrus booked for summer, but with the problems in Russia-doesn’t look like it will happen. But, Michael and I are climbing Mt Rainier the first weekend of September.

Because the Russia mountain is put off till 2015 now, my Seven Summits that I am using to raise money for kids programs will be delayed by one year. That’s ok, life is a journey and not a destination.

Hope you enjoy the latest JBL and Cole Show with Renee Young-we have Heath Slater in some kind of strange story as my nephew, not sure how this happened except Cody Rhodes is to blame. We use the show to give talent a platform to have fun, and hopefully get over in a way they can’t normally on regular WWE TV.

If you haven’t watched our show, check out this week and see for yourself if Cody, Wade and Heath aren’t great in roles that they don’t normally have-this is why we do the show. Daniel Bryan is no secret and neither is Booker T-glad those guys participate on the show as we are all the talent that does the show. One thing talent likes is we give talent a chance to expand-this is why we do the show.

You can also get ALL our episodes in one place here!


Our next official weigh in is March 23, having some trouble on my diet-not my training, I am loving my training but hating my diet. Michael is a bit of a tree hugger as those of you who listen to our podcast know-here's Michael's training bike. 

Here's Michael Cole hard at work training. 

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