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Big E Langston would Benefit from an Alliance with Mark Henry

By Tom Clark
November 29, 2013

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Mark Henry returned to WWE programming on the November 25 edition of Monday Night Raw, where he joined Big E Langston in a tag team match against Curtis Axel and Ryback. The World's Strongest Man has not been seen in WWE for quite some time and now that he's back, the question is just how far will his alliance with Langston go?

I for one believe that this was a very good move by WWE. While it's impossible to know what the long term plans are here, the fact is that Mark could likely be a very good asset for Langston's young career. And it could not have come at a better time.

Langston has been viewed by many fans as having a world of potential from the moment he first debuted in NXT. His tremendous physique, coupled with his freakish strength and intensity make him a great fit in Vince McMahon's company. And though his mic skills are perhaps still a work in progress, the truth is that his athleticism is very impressive for a man of his size and power.

When he was brought onto WWE's main roster as Dolph Ziggler's "heavy," those fans who had always believed in Langston were perhaps a bit disappointed. After all, they were surely hoping for a little more from Langston, other than just being a supporting cast member for Ziggler.

But to me, this pairing was good at the time. And, it did what it was likely designed to do; introduce Big E Langston to the masses and get him some heat very early on. Fans booed Langston because they booed Ziggler. Big E was guilty by association and that was exactly the reason for his placement with The Showoff.

And even after Dolph's face turn, Langston was able to keep his share of the spotlight. Portrayed as AJ Lee's guardian, it was Big E's job to not only protect her but to believe in her when no one else did. When Ziggler let her go, Langston was there to pick up the pieces. He helped AJ to get back on her feet and in return, Langston was still on the fans' radar.

But when he cut out on his own, independent of AJ or anyone else, that was the moment when fans realized they would see what Big E is really capable of. Having no one at ringside for him meant that Langston was doing something he had not done since stepping onto WWE's flagship program; he was operating without a safety net.

And at this point, I would have to say that it's so far, so good.

Basically, Langston's face turn was validated by CM Punk, who teamed with the younger Superstar after Big E helped him clear the ring of Paul Heyman's guys on an episode of Raw. From that moment, it's been onward and upward for Langston. Winning the Intercontinental Championship from Axel was another important step for him and the WWE faithful are really beginning to get on his bandwagon.

But of the angles that we have seen Langston in thus far, this potential new one with Mark Henry is the most intriguing. And the reason for that is because I believe that Mark can do a lot for Langston's career in WWE.

Just seeing Langston next to Mark Henry already elevates him to a whole new level. Suddenly, we go from watching just another young big guy to watching a young big guy who has the endorsement of a former World champion and respected 17 year veteran of WWE.

And if Langston gets just an ounce of rub from a guy with the history and professionalism of Mark Henry, then his career is already looking better than before.

The fact is that Mark personifies intensity. In many ways, he has the career that a guy like Langston should aspire to have. Mark is by far one of the best big men that WWE has ever known and he has found a way to stay relevant in every era that the company has given to fans over the years.

From his days in the Nation of Domination, to his singles career that has been highlighted by a World Championship run, Mark has seen it all during his tenure in WWE. And now he is perhaps being placed in the role of mentor to Big E Langston and I for one believe it's a perfect fit.

Whether or not the alliance between Mark Henry and Big E Langston continues is anyone's guess. But if it does, I think that it would do nothing but help Langston on his journey through WWE. And that is something that is definitely not in in question. 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for the Camel Clutch Blog

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