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CM Punk is number one and still has good chance of winning the Royal Rumble

By Scott Fishman

Kane announced CM Punk would be number one in the Royal Rumble match. This can be seen as punishment to some, but I think the "Best in the World" may take it another way.

Knowing his competitive nature, the superstar could see this as another challenge. If you have watched Punk's DVD or followed him through the years, you know he has had his share of obstacles to overcome.

The Chicago native has learned to make the most of opportunities and accomplish his goals despite insurmountable odds. He has built a successful career using his determination and drive to succeed.

I feel Punk wouldn't have it any other way than to kick off the Royal Rumble in a war of attrition. The longest reigning WWE champion of the modern era is no stranger to having a target on his back. In many ways Punk relishes in these situations.

Look at the TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view when he not only survived a handicap match against every member of the Shield, but won. Earlier last year he also walked through hell taking the best Paul Heyman's evil mind had to offer.

Another thing in Punk's favor is Royal Rumble history. Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit started out at number one and won the celebrated battle royal. Rey Mysterio and Vince McMahon also went the distance going the distance at number two. Statistically, the unlucky number has been more lucky than being the 30th entrant.

If anyone can replicate what few have done it's Punk. He has an old school work ethic with a tremendous amount of endurance. He is also smart in the squared circle.

So don't count out the talented performer just yet. Punk thrives on competition and winning the Royal Rumble would be another accomplishment in an already amazing run in WWE.

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