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DREAM MATCH: Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels

By Scott Fishman

Ever since Hell in a Cell it's hard not to dream up what would happen if Shawn Michaels squared off with Daniel Bryan.

WWE continues to tease us about the potential of this taking place. However, with the Heartbreak Kid retired from the ring, it might just be a confrontation we will only be able to have in videogame form.

This is sad considering there is a great story and already so much build for it. You have Bryan, who trained early on with HBK and worked in his Texas Wrestling Alliance promotion. This opportunity helped the "American Dragon" get noticed on the independent scene and in Japan. It also created a necessary contact with WWE.

Listening to Michaels as he watched Bryan in action, you could tell he saw something special in him. Their history wasn't really brought up too much along Bryan's run up the WWE mountain.

That all changed when Michaels was announced to serve as special referee for Bryan's WWE championship match with Randy Orton. The legendary figure chose DX blood over his star pupil and cost him the gold.

No stranger to controversy, the WWE Hall of Famer didn't appear too apologetic either for doing his transgression. Ever since his retirement, Michaels hasn't gotten physical very often. In the final months of 2013, we seen that change.

During a recent episode of Raw Michaels once again broke out with "Sweet Chin Music", but this time on CM Punk. Ironically enough, you could say Punk and Bryan share a similar close bond as Triple H and Michaels. That would be some tag match, wouldn't it?

There would be so many moving parts if there was a remote shot at seeing Daniel Bryan versus Shawn Michaels. I believe their styles would compliment each other and have the same chemistry HBK had with Bret Hart. It's WrestleMania quality for sure with the possibility of the passing of the torch.

You could even involve William Regal, who has been an inspiration to Bryan throughout his wrestling career. The veteran would be a great addition to this rivalry, maybe even standing in the corner of the emerging superstar.

They say a wrestler never retires, but Michaels seemed pretty adamant about keeping his word after losing to the Undertaker. I believe there is no doubt the legendary performer still has some gas in the tank and entertain at a high level. It's not like he is some guy trying to work way past his prime every week.

That said, a way to get around it is a "non-sanctioned" street fight would be the way I did in my dream booking. This way it's technically not a wrestling match, but a fight. HBK wins because he keeps his promise and the fans win because they get to see a truly magical encounter.

Anything can happen in WWE. Here's hoping this dream match proves that to be true.

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