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Daniel Bryan proved on Raw he has good shot at walking out of WrestleMania WWE world champion

By Scott Fishman

Looking back at WrestleMania history, Daniel Bryan walking out of the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment with two victories on the same night is slim to none.

Even Bret Hart lost to his brother Owen at WrestleMania X before reclaiming the WWE championship from Yokozuna. However, Bryan's heart and the fact that more than 75,000 fans will be behind him may help him pull off the impossible.

Not long after Triple H and Stephanie McMahon verbally and physically assaulted the leader of the "Yes Movement", Bryan returned at the close of Raw to make a statement.

He not only brought the fight to "The Game", but got some shots in on Randy Orton and Batista. He showed them he was going to put forth his best effort against Triple H and then go on to beat Batista and Orton for the WWE world championship.

The WWE Universe members supporting Bryan had to endure months of disappointment after disappointment. One minute they have reason to celebrate, only to have Triple H and the Authority take it away from them. WrestleMania has the chance to be the big payoff. No matter how injured or beat-up or tired Bryan will be, he will give forth his best effort. Adrenaline can do some amazing things for a person.

There are so many within the wrestling industry and outside of it who want Bryan to succeed and have his WrestleMania moment. He gives inspiration to those who may think they aren't tall enough, smart enough or have some other limitation that may impede on them achieving their goals.

This is why Bryan has developed such a fan following. He appears genuine and humble. He describes himself as a professional wrestler, nothing more and nothing less.

Come Sunday he will show the world what he can do in the squared circle. He is one of the most technically gifted WWE superstars on the roster, but proved on Raw he can also fight with the best of them. His match with Triple H will be the chance for Bryan to get all his frustrations out the last few weeks.

Then with his biggest obstacle behind him, he is free and clear to gain the gold and lead New Orleans in one of the biggest Yes! chants of all time.

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