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Daniel Bryan's Current Run Must Lead to the WWE World Championship

By Tom Clark
January 24, 2014

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Daniel Bryan's time with The Wyatt Family was short lived as WWE's goat-faced underdog recently turned his back on Bray Wyatt. The moment was likely a relief for many fans that hated the notion of Daniel going heel in the first place so to see him reemerge as a babyface again was exactly what they wanted.

Now the belief among those fans is that Daniel should once again be put in WWE's main event scene. While it's still relatively early considering Daniel is currently feuding with Bray, the fact is that for Bryan's supporters, the only thing that matters is the WWE World Championship.

Perhaps the all-or-nothing attitude should not be used in Bryan's case but I think it just happens to fit in so many ways. After all, his meteoric rise in WWE last year was the kind of thing that most Superstars only dream about.

Bryan's run was thanks in large part to Kane, who gave him the rub in their tag team. Team Hell No entertained fans from young to old; basically when they were on camera you couldn't help but smile. While their pairing seemed very odd at first, the fact is that they made it work and quickly became the hottest property in WWE.

But teaming with The Big Red Machine did something else for Daniel Bryan; it put him on the path upward.

Team Hell No worked every duo in the company during their time together. They defended the tag team championships against everyone put in their path and that included The Shield, who was already main event players when they began feuding.

The Shield brought intensity and a more serious edge to Bryan and Kane. Team Hell No went from very comical to very focused, as they sought to defeat the trio that had run rampant through WWE for so long. But facing high profile talent wasn't the only factor that elevated Daniel in the eyes of fans.

That distinction lies with The Undertaker, who joined Team Hell No in their rivalry with The Shield. Working alongside The Deadman did perhaps more for Daniel Bryan than anyone at the time even realized. In fact, I would say that it planted the seed in the minds of many fans that Bryan was okay, he was accepted by his peers and if The Phenom was a fan then he must be good.

Team Hell no did not last much longer after that, as Bryan decided to venture out on his own. He felt that he had to prove himself without Kane and wanted to be taken seriously as a relevant Superstar. He succeeded on both fronts.

Bryan used the momentum from Kane and Taker and capitalized on it, spring boarding into a singles career that likely became the envy of many Superstars in the locker room. Daniel's performances in the ring were becoming better and better with each passing week. His frenetic pace was controlled chaos, his intensity was on a level all its own and win or lose, the crowd was being reminded of his talent every time he stepped into the ring.

But when he took the "no" chant and turned it into "yes," Daniel Bryan exploded.

His pop grew louder and louder from one week to the next. Practically every town that WWE ran latched onto the chant and became obsessed with it. Bryan got over more in his WWE career than he ever had been before.

And when he won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam in 2013, fans thought that their favorite had done the unthinkable. Daniel's success story had been fulfilled and WWE was on its way with a brand new man at the top.

However we all know that Triple H betrayed Bryan, joined forces with Randy Orton and spent the rest of 2013 keeping the WWE title under lock and key. Daniel's time in the sun appeared to be short lived and he was headed back down the ladder despite every move that had been made to the contrary.

But now that he's back up, it truly feels as though he has to win the WWE World Championship. It seems to be the only logical choice, the only real sensible move. After all if the point of lifting him up to just bring him back down was done to build character, then it worked. Bryan seems more confident, more focused than ever before and his connection to the crowd has never been stronger.

And I believe that he truly looks like a legitimate WWE main event player now. Any doubts that some fans may have had in regards to his ability must be erased by this point and if they're not, there is still no denying the response he gets when he's in the ring.

Fans want to see Daniel Bryan succeed. But more importantly, they want to see him as WWE world champion. And they want to see it as soon as possible.

Is it all or nothing for Daniel Bryan? 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report, a Contributor for Whatculture.com and a Contributor for the Camel Clutch Blog

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