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How will Randy Orton Defeat a Motivated Big Show at WWE Survivor Series?

By Tom Clark
November 23, 2013

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Randy Orton's WWE title defense against The Big Show is right around the corner at Survivor Series and for many fans, this one could not come soon enough. The heat between Show and The Authority has lead to this match and the anticipation surrounding it is now at a fever pitch.

And if Orton hopes to weather the storm and leave Survivor Series with an ounce of respect, he must find a way to pin Big Show. And that will be easier said than done.

By all rights, Big Show should be the man leaving with the gold on November 24. He has all the momentum going into this event, momentum that began building practically from the moment that SummerSlam ended.

As we all know, it was at SummerSlam that WWE's Chief Operating Officer Triple H basically gift wrapped the company's top title for Randy when the gave the Pedigree to Daniel Bryan. In that moment, Bryan became a marked man and The Game became the top heel in WWE once again.

All of The Authority's attention was focused on the would-be WWE champion. Bryan was mocked, ridiculed and physically beat down on a weekly basis. Using The Shield as his own personal security force, Triple H kept Bryan in line. He stopped Daniel at every turn and even Bryan's tremendous fighting spirit could not help him overcome the odds.

And the first man to speak up for Bryan, the first man to voice his disapproval of Daniel's treatment, was The Big Show.

Big Show was obviously upset with the Daniel Bryan situation. He saw Daniel as a man who deserved a fair fight, a fighting chance at Orton and his place in the company. Show wanted the world to know how he felt; more importantly he wanted Bryan to know how he felt.

And that's when The Authority shut him down.

Big Show was stopped before he could even get started. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both understood the impact Show could have on their plans for WWE if he was left unchecked. They knew his ability to connect with the crowd and the support that he has from the other Superstars in the locker room.

Holding Daniel Bryan down meant first holding back The Big Show. And that is exactly what The Authority did.

Exposing Show's financial problems to the world was the first step. Threatening to take away his livelihood if he did not fall in line, came next. Humiliating and belittling him in front of the fans was the last move and at the end of the day, The Authority's game plan as it related to The Big Show was nearly a success.

But Show did the unexpected; he fought back. Even after he was reduced to nothing by the McMahons, Show's heart came through and he decided that losing his job was better than losing his soul. And now that he is back, his one goal is to crush the corporate symbol that The Authority established as the face of the company.

Now, Randy Orton is a marked man. And Big Show is the hunter.

The biggest problem for Randy at this point however is the fact that he will have no help at Survivor Series. No Shield, no Authority, no one. This time, it's all up to Randy. He will be facing a seven foot, 500 pound Giant with more momentum and crowd support than he has had in his entire career.

And Randy must beat him alone.

While Big Show has looked strong in this angle, more than capable of winning the WWE title, the champ has looked very weak indeed. Orton only manages to keep the championship by the skin of his teeth, in matches that he actually has no business winning.

He barely escaped from Daniel Bryan and only did so because of Triple H's work along the way; first with referee Scott Armstrong and then Shawn Michaels. And now that The Authority's patience seems to be running out, Randy's flaws are beginning to show.

Big Show has Orton's number. He gets the best of the WWE champ every time he's within 10 feet of him and at this point, there seems to be no preventing him from taking the gold at Survivor Series.

November 24 could very well be Randy Orton's last chance to prove he belongs at the top. And all he has to do is pin The Big Show.

Definitely easier said than done. 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for the Camel Clutch Blog

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