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Mid Card to Main event-how did it happen

How did a mid carder for so long become a main eventer? Luck is the main answer, seriously.

I had been a top guy nearly everywhere I had been before WWE. In Texas, Japan, Mexico, Europe and Korea I had always worked on top-just not in WWE and it had been years since I was a singles main eventer, eventhough I had filled in a few times in WWE. However, "back in the day" everyone almost that came in had been on top somewhere but that didn't mean they could make it in WWF/WWE.

In Europe I was top big heel, Finley was top draw and top overall heel-but with two weight divisions Finley (eventhough he was the one with the drawing power) was used for Light Heavy division and I was used for heavy weight division during the two years I was there. So I was a top guy below Finley, but never a better draw than Finley-not even close.
Finley was the best worker I have ever seen. He was so good, I wish that more could have seen how good he was in his prime-it was unreal to watch.

I didn’t flounder in WWE, but never really found my way. Teaming with Barry Windham was a dream come true, just awesome. Teaming with Ron was a huge break, because with Ron we got used and with Barry we didn’t. I thought Barry and I could have been a good team, but creative disagreed-my pal Vince Russo again. I guess we were too southern-“How can anyone with a southern accent be taken seriously?” Russo had said-I guess he thinks all southerners sound stupid.

But no hard feelings to Russo, we were never friends and we aren't now, but I harbor no ill feelings to him. He did what he thought was best and I disagreed-that's life.

I was set to be a top guy with Stone Cold at one point-in a storyline, but Steve decided to leave company so it got shelved. Later I was set to be in a main event story line with Kane and I tore my bicep and was out for six months. I really thought at that point my career was over.

I returned with a new look, short hair and my natural color to little fanfare.

However, when Kurt Angle and Big Show were hurt and Brock had left the company we needed someone fast and I was chosen-pure luck. Read my blog on my tribute to Eddie and behind the scenes stuff to find out what happened in more detail.

I had pitched this idea of JBL before, but I was doing so much with the troops that it was better I was a baby face and I wasn’t needed. However, now Vince asked me to do character and I knew that I had a main event waiting. I had one-if it worked I had more, I waited a long time for this.

I got lucky and fortunately had some success with it. I wish it had happened earlier and I could have been healthier longer. I was so beat up after breaking my back that it was all I could do to get to the ring. I was in bad shape cause I couldn’t work out and was using every smoke and mirror possible at the end to cover up the fact I didn’t have the wheels anymore to do it.

The last match I had with Rey was my idea, as a tribute to Eddie. I wanted to do it in 3 seconds and then quit and that was the original idea-but it changed to give him a full comeback. At that point, I couldn’t have had a match anyway.

There’s the story, I was lucky and very lucky that my first main event was with Eddie-my blog on him explains much more about that.

In hindsight I think waiting so long made me appreciate it even more. Great memories.
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