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Kane Needs a Strong Second Week as WWE's Director of Operations

By Tom Clark
November 18, 2013

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Kane was recently named WWE's new Director of Operations by the company's most visible primary authority figure, Triple H. The move came as a recent result of Kane surrendering himself to Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night Raw and while it seemed like an odd fit, I for one was more than willing to give it a chance to work.

But truth be told, Kane's first full week on the job did not go all that great. Now, the question is will he rebound in his second offical week as the McMahon family's newest muscle?

Kane was likely no one's first choice to step into the corporate world of WWE. The Big Red Monster has been known to be many things in his career; torturous, evil and merciless. But professional has never been on that list.

When fans saw Kane hit the ramp, they knew what to expect. They understood what his character was all about and other than the occasional insane rampage through the roster; there was hardly ever any real surprises.

Of course, his partnership with Daniel Bryan broke that mold in many ways. WWE tried to continue marketing Kane as the beast that we had all known, but working with Bryan changed many fans' perspective of him. Kane became the comedian, a guy more than willing to make the crowd laugh while trying to give a hug to a grown man.

Kane was arguably the most entertaining he had ever been in his entire career and fans could not get enough of it.

But even that Kane was impossible to envision as the one to stand by Triple H's side in this new role. Kane was never much of a team player and indeed his partnership with Bryan was the most success we had seen him have in an alliance since he tagged with The Undertaker.

However, even though Kane did not seemed to fit the mold of what The Authority was looking for, I for one believed he could pull it off.

The reason for that is because he's just so good at what he does. Kane has succeeded in every role WWE has ever asked him to play and consistently performs at a very high level. Imagining him in a suit and tie may have seemed like a stretch but if anyone could do it and make it work, it was The Big Red Machine.

But the fact is that things have gotten off to a very rocky start for Kane. Instead of playing the devious corporate mind that many fans wanted to see, he has actually looked very out of place in nearly every spot he's appeared in so far. Much of this is due to the storyline itself, as Triple H and Stephanie took a vacation just as Kane came to power in his new job.

This left Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox in a power struggle with Kane over who should be in charge on WWE programming. And while the intent was to perhaps help flesh out the angle and work Kane into it, the truth is that I for one was expecting him to come off much stronger than he did.

Of course, a weak start does not necessarily mean that the entire storyline is a disaster. There is still time to straighten it all out and it will be up to Kane to make it work; just like always.

The truth is that he needs a very strong Monday Night Raw. He needs to fully establish himself as a force to be reckoned with, as an authority figure that is just as capable as The Game of making WWE's Superstars fall in line. He needs the spotlight to work in and he needs to be left alone to work in it. The first time Maddox or Guerrero gets in his way; Kane must assert himself as the Alpha Male on the program.

Because if he doesn't, then why is he in this role; to become Hunter's corporate lackey? How can he be effective if he is not given the opportunity to work and is allowed to flex his muscles for the WWE faithful to see?

I believe that is just what will happen. I see a very big week in Kane's future, one in which he will rise to the occasion. I think that the company wants to see what he can do in this new role and if his past work is any indication, this new path will be one that definitely not disappoint.

Kane's only getting started in this one. Stay tuned. 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for the Camel Clutch Blog

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