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Predicting Elimination Chamber and Daniel Bryan walking out champion

By Scott Fishman

The Elimination Chamber is the final pay-per-view stop on the road to WrestleMania and the last event before the WWE Network opens for business on Feb. 24.

Below is the card and my predictions for the show. See to compare and tweet me your own.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton defends against John Cena, Christian, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus.

The company has done a great job building up the Chamber match and showing any of the competitors has a shot at walking out WWE world heavyweight champion. Randy Orton's chances aren't the best, but desperation makes men do amazing things. I think that will help him throughout the battle. However, I'm going to go with Daniel Bryan walking out with the gold and earning a trip to New Orleans. It's because I want to see a happy ending for the Yes! Movement, and Bryan has got a lot of momentum on his side. I do anticipate Cesaro having a great outing and taking his career to new heights as a result. I also think Cena has to look over his shoulder for a Wyatt or two or three.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield

This is going to be one for the ages. It's among the most anticipated matches in some time between two of the most dominant forces in WWE today. Due to the subtle dissension within The Shield, I'm going with Bray Wyatt's family. Roman Reigns has definitely stood out the last few months and believe that is driving Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins nuts. There may even be a little jealousy. As much as it pains me to say this we could be looking at the last time The Shield is together as a unit.

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

I think Batista has something to prove in his first real big match back since his return. Fans have been split as it relates to his appearances so far. Some weren't happy he won the Royal Rumble. This is his opportunity to make believers out of the naysayers. I'm looking at "The Animal" being unleashed and walking out with a dominating victory against the Mexican aristocrat.

Big E vs. Jack Swagger for the intercontinental championship

Big E has been a proud intercontinental champion. Swagger has been able to succeed in the singles ranks recently with Zeb Colter by his side. With Cesaro in the main event, I think that has lit a competitive fire under the other half of "We the People". At the same time I don't think E is ready to give up the gold just yet. It should be a powerhouse of a match, but I'm betting on the champion retaining the gold.

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos for the tag team champion.

The Outlaws have shown age is but a number by winning the tag team championship once again. They are enjoying a great nostalgic run. At the same time the Uso's are hungry and have never won the richest prize in tag team wrestling. I think that changes at the Chamber with Jimmy and Jey finally puling it off. The brothers have come a long way over the years and are ready to take their spot at the top. It will be a big way to solidify themselves among the best with a win over one of the most accomplished teams in history.

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

The Prime Time Players explode with O'Neil initiating the split. There is a new sense of intensity from the former Florida Gator. He is ready to go after singles dreams and use Young as a stepping stone. This is going to be a turning point for both participants. I think it's going to be a war, but I don't see O'Neil losing this one. Titus is too determined.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback (Kickoff)

The Rhodes Brothers aren't the champs any more and looking to get back into contention. At the time Axeal and Ryback have had some success, even without Paul Heyman. Something seems a bit off with Goldust and Rhodes at the moment, so I'm going with Rybaxel or whatever they call themselves to pull it off. If for the only reason Ryback got some new and somewhat creepy tights for the occasion with Axel on them.

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