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Randy Orton, John Cena and Daniel Bryan could be leading to championship triple threat match

By Scott Fishman

New WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton may not only have one contender for his title, but two.

John Cena has a future rematch against the Viper pretty much guaranteed down the line. Given what happened on Raw and his past matches with the "Face of WWE", Daniel Bryan also has a good case for a title shot.

Orton was left standing with his two rivals out cold at the close of Monday's show. The series of events could easily lead to a future triple threat match for the gold involving Orton, Bryan and Cena.

The seeds for this monumental showdown were planted at SummerSlam. Bryan defeated Cena for the WWE title, which followed with Orton cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Interestingly, they stood together as a tag team prior against the Shield.

Cena respects Bryan, but you know he wants to prove he can beat the Beard. At the same time the polarizing performer wants to get revenge on Orton.

Bryan wants to be champion again and beat the champion. He may also want an opportunity to prove his win over Cena wasn't a fluke. Orton has a lot to prove as the WWE world heavyweight champion, ushering in a new era in the company.

What better way to solidify his reign than by defeating his top contenders. We've seen Orton vs. Cena, Bryan vs. Orton and Cena vs. Bryan before. A three-way would be a good chance to freshen things up and bring something different to the table.

An ideal place for such a contest would be the Royal Rumble. It will be a way to end this chapter involving the title, as well as the three individuals involved. Then whoever comes out victorious can move on to whoever wins the actual Royal Rumble match.

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