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Remembering Andrew 'Test' Martin


By Scott Fishman

It's always a tragedy when someone so young and talented passes away. Andrew Martin, known to wrestling fans all over the world as Test falls into that category.

Martin was found dead on March 13, 2009 at age 33. Test was one of the most physically gifted WWE superstars to come along in the company during the "Attitude Era". The Canadian was your prototypical superstar of being 6-foot-6 and 285 pounds, but he was more than just size and brawn. He was agile and performed top-rope moves, such as his trademark elbow drop, with ease.

One of the most memorable times for Test during his tenure with WWE is his storyline with Stephanie McMahon. He was really involved in McMahon's first onscreen involvement with a superstar. This led to a great match with Shane McMahon at the 1999 SummerSlam.


Of course we know what happened during the historic nuptials or almost nuptials with Stephanie and Test. Triple H revealed he had married the chairman's daughter during a ceremony in Las Vegas. It was one of the greatest twists to unfold in Raw history.


The young performer did go on to have more success, aligning with diva newcomer Trish Stratus and teaming with Albert to form T&A. However, it was while wrestling with Booker T. that he gained the tag team gold. Test is also a former hardcore, European and intercontinental champion.

He reemerged in WWE for a second time in 2006 more jacked than ever as part of the ECW brand. Test racked up some impressive wins and was seemingly getting a push. However, in the end the superstar was released. One had to think he had been battling some demons with his WWE Wellness Policy violations.


Martin will always be remembered as one of the ones who had tons of potential and had success, but could have gone so much further given the opportunity, the timing was right and his head was in the right place. It's a sad end to a life and a career, but for those who watched him in the ring and thanks to the WWE Network, his memory lives on.

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