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Five reasons why we will never forget Eddie Guerrero

By Scott Fishman

The wrestling world was floored at the news of legendary Eddie Guerrero passing away eight years ago.

He meant so much to so many people who knew him inside the ring and out. Even though "Latino Heat" may be gone, here are five reasons why we will never forget him.

HIS CHARISMA: Eddie Guerrero had a gift to connect with the audience whenever he appeared on camera. Whether he was a heel or face, tecnico or rudo, they were entertained by him. The WWE Hall of Famer was able to generate whatever reaction he wanted from the fans. All eyes were on Eddie Guerrero when he performed and his personality was infectious.

His entrance was electric,especially toward the end of his career. He came in a souped up lowrider. The car combined with his music made it a party. Alberto Del Rio traveling to the entrance way in fancy vehicles part of his Mexican aristocratic gimmick.

HIS WRESTLING ABILITY: From Mexico to Japan to the United States, Guerrero still remains one of the most celebrated mat technicians and high-flyers in wrestling history. He wrestled the best of the best in all shapes and sizes.

My favorite matches Guerrero had were against Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio. No matter where on the card, he always stole the show. Mysterio vs. Guerrero from Halloween Havoc is still among my favorite matches of all-time.

HIS MOVES: Guerrero will always be remembered for the signature moves he delivered. Perhaps the most famous was his Frog Splash. Others who have done the maneuver don't do it quite like Guerrero did. It didn't matter where his opponents were placed, the superstar left the top rope with such precision and crispness. You could actually picture the breath leaving the unlucky recipient's body when Guerrero hit.

The Three Amigos was impressive in that it delivered not one, but three suplexes in succession. A part of Guerrero's character that fans loved was when he played possum with his opponents. The spots always got a great reaction from the crowds. He mastered the art of hitting someone with a chair when the referee was down and then placing it in his adversaries hands. Then when the official woke up, he blamed the other guy because Guerrero had pretended to be knocked out by the chair.

HIS FAMILY: The Guerrero Family has continued to entertain worldwide audiences. You can see a lot of the performer Eddie was in his wife Vickie, who has been a prominent part of WWE television for years now. She has made quite a career for herself, and I'm sure no doubt Guerrero is smiling down on her every time she enters an arena. Much like Eddie, Vickie always garners some of the best crowd heat on the shows.

It's not hard to see the impact Eddie had on his nephew and longtime tag partner Chavo. The veteran performs a few of Guerrero's signature moves in honor of his fallen brother. More times than not an "Eddie!" chant will break out when Chavo delivers the Three Amigos or the Frog Splash. Eddie's daughter Shaul has also been active in the family business and other forms of entertainment. She trained regularly at WWE's developmental program. Eddie's brother Hector is a wrestling commentator these days. Every time you see him, it's hard not to think of Guerrero.

HIS HEART: Guerrero will always be remembered for his heart and passion he put into everything he set his mind on. It was apparent Guerrero cared so much about his family, friends and anyone he came in contact with. The testimonies his coworkers gave solidified that fact to the audience who weren't fortunate to know Guerrero personally. He gave a lot of those who worked with and helped many such as John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Batista with their successes.

You can see how much heart he had when he overcame so many personal demons to make his return to WWE and win the WWE championship. It was an inspiring moment and validation for all the sacrifices and hard work he put into his job of entertaining us all. Guerrero raised the bar and showed you don't have to be the biggest to be the best. Today his spirit lives on in great performers like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, who I'm sure were inspired by the example he set. Thanks to DVDs and video, new fans will be able to experience the fire, intensity and heart the legend had in the ring.

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