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Nancy Grace is a disgrace to her profession and knows nothing about WWE

By Scott Fishman

Over the years WWE and pro wrestling in general has gone through its dark periods, just like any sport or form of entertainment.

Wrestlers have died suffering from the affects of substance abuse and alcohol. However, the industry has essentially cleaned up its act, and with WWE's Wellness Policy, really made a positive impact. I think a lot of the performers are also finally learning from history. Looking at the roster today, you will even see many who don't even drink a beer.

It seems former prosecutor and television host Nancy Grace didn't get this memo or any sort of fact before she decided to use the untimely death of the Ultimate Warrior to spew more fallacies. Despite police report not mentioning anything of the sort, this disgrace to journalists everywhere decides to recklessly insinuate steroids and illegal drugs had something to do with his passing.

She even read a list of those who abused drugs and steroids, which had Owen Hart's name in it. It's common knowledge the youngest of the Hart family died due to a stunt gone wrong. This told me she had failed to do any substantial research. Grace "welcomed" Diamond Dallas Page on her show, who did his best to set her right about how the business has changed today.

Throughout the whole segment it was apparent she didn't care about any truth when it comes to reports on Warrior. She used his death to continue her attack on a business she knows nothing about. Warrior is also a human being with a wife and two kids, as well as other family, friends and loyal friends. Grace decides to create her own rumors of what she says are swirling of steroid and drug use without any regard to those she may hurt.

Has she gone to the WWE Performance Center or visited with the company physicians? Has she tried to attend events to really talk to the performers from the unbiased perch she sits. No. Instead, she decides to go with her own preconceived notions and judgements.

It's sad that these floating heads are allowed on the air and that people watch on a nightly basis. If anyone deserved a visit from The Shield and the "Hounds of Justice" it's Nancy Grace.

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