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WWE Payback: Will Brie Bella Be Fired Because Of Daniel Bryan?

The WWE Universe has held their breath for the past few weeks.

On Monday night, the world finally got an answer. When WWE World Champion underwent neck surgery a few weeks ago, the main two questions were obvious: How was he doing and what will happen to the top prize in the industry. After learning the surgery was a success, fans moved their attention to the WWE World Championship.

Last week in London, Stephanie McMahon teased stripping him of the title belt(s). I mean, there had to be an active champion week in and week out, right? As you would suspect, nobody liked that idea one bit. Even if he was not ready to compete again, that would be crushing. Especially after everything Daniel Bryan went through from January to April culminating in the main event of WrestleMania XXX. After a little back and forth, it was finally revealed that...

...Daniel Bryan would not give up the WWE World Championship.

There is no question that Bryan has been the best wrestler and character on the roster for over 12 months now. From his matches against Sheamus and Randy Orton to his Summerslam 2013 match versus John Cena to his battles with The Wyatts to that epic clash at Mania with Triple H, he has done it all. Now as WWE World Champion, he STILL has Stephanie McMahon hassling him - this time to give up the title he worked so hard for.

As said on Raw: "No! No! No!"

Sadly, it was not over yet. Steph revealed that this Sunday night at the WWE Payback pay-per-view, one of two things would happen: Either Bryan would have to vacate the championship OR Steph would FIRE Brie Bella!

Ouch. I knew it was a bad move when Brie pushed Steph a few weeks back. I knew that would come back to haunt Bryan. Well, now it is truly decision time at Payback. Will Bryan actually hand over the title he worked so hard for OR does he sit and watch his wife get fired? My, oh my. Tune in Sunday to find out.

My guess is somehow, someway Bryan keeps the title AND Brie keeps her job, but as they say in WWE - never say never...
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