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WWE: The Shield's Implosion May not be that Close after All

By Tom Clark
March 9, 2014

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The Shield's problems are beginning to boil over in WWE. The trio has seen their dominance in the company come under serious scrutiny over the past several months as chinks in their armor have become painfully apparent.

But despite the issues these three have had, the fact is that they are still together. And that means that the epic implosion that most WWE fans believe will happen may not go down as expected.

Like many of the WWE faithful, I saw the approaching judgment day for The Shield. The fact is that while they have been strong for so long, their weakness have been rising to the surface more and more over the past few months.

However those weaknesses are not caused by any outside forces. Truth be told, most of the WWE locker room have been trying to bring The Hounds of Justice down since they moment they first debuted. And so far, they have had very little success.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are fallible as individuals. Each man has been pinned and each man is just as human as any other Superstar in WWE. All three men are good separately and definitely show signs of that main event player spark but each one can lose to any Superstar on any given night.

But together, it's a much different story.

Together, The Shield is an undeniably powerful force. Their initial routine of swarming opponents and using gang warfare to stay on top has gradually morphed into the well oiled, cohesive machine that we know today.

The Shield dominates like no other faction in WWE history. As a full unit they are almost unstoppable; each man works to help the other and most of the time, it's impossible to see the individual components. The fact is that only the team itself is visible in the end.

So considering the strength they possess together, it's only logical that The Shield would not be destroyed from the outside in. Many teams have tried and nearly all have failed. The only kryptonite that can even slow them down is internal strife.

And that is exactly what WWE fans have been seeing for quite some time now. The inner workings of The Shield are breaking down, mostly due to arrogance that has seeped in on the part of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was the first man to step out and ever so subtly position himself as the most dominant force inside of the group.

As the only Shield member left to hold a championship, Dean believes he is the most valuable player. He feels that the other two cannot function without him and his swagger is becoming more apparent every week.

But the true definition of swagger in regards to The Shield right now is the man that most fans feel will be the next top star.

When the moment that the realization of Roman's main event potential occurred, fans have been waiting for The Shield's big man to rise to the occasion. His look, his intensity and his explosiveness in the ring all add up to a possible choice to perhaps one day supplant John Cena as the face of WWE.

And it's safe to say that his character has become very aware of this fact.

Roman knows his potential. He knows what fans are saying about him and what online analysts believe he can accomplish in the company. At this point, the ego in Roman's words and actions is getting louder and louder. And the volume is beginning to drown out Seth and Dean.

But while the seeds for The Shield's demise were planted long ago and the signs of inner turmoil are clearly evident, the truth is that it may not happen the way we expect it will.

Instead of buckling, The Shield is trying to maintain their composure. The Hounds of Justice operate like no other heel faction in WWE history so to imagine that they would fold at the first sign of trouble is highly unlikely.

That's why their summit on the March 8 edition of Friday Night Smackdown ended in a show of solidarity. The moment may have been reluctant and perhaps even a little forced but it's obvious that there is more unity than what fans knew.

WWE is evidently taking their time with The Shield and that is a good thing. They want to fully explore the conflicts that the three men are having and only when the time is right will they pull the plug. And it should not happen a minute sooner.

The Shield is so entrenched in WWE, so firmly established in the eyes of the fans that their eventual end should not come quickly. Premature death of the gimmick does nothing for the three men as a collective or even as individuals.

The Shield came into WWE together and they will likely all go down together as well. This storyline is going at the perfect pace and there is just no need to rush it along any further. The reason for that is because when the split finally does happen, it will be one of the most anticipated, most exciting moments in recent WWE history.

However until then, the implosion can wait. 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report, a Contributor for WhatCulture.com and a Contributor for The Camel Clutch Blog

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