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Who Will Challenge John Cena if Alberto Del Rio does not Win at Survivor Series?

By Tom Clark
November 18, 2013

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John Cena is headed for a showdown with Alberto Del Rio at WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday, November 24. The match is a return bout for the World Heavyweight Championship, a belt that John won from Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.

And assuming that Alberto does not regain the title, just who is next to face John Cena?

It seems too early to already begin speculating on Alberto's potential second loss to Cena. The fact is that Del Rio is obviously still considered to be a solid hand by the company and since a good heel is worth his weight in gold, why should fans look over him as a possible winner at Survivor Series?

The easy answer to that is the most obvious; the other Superstar in this equation is John Cena and John Cena is still the man.

And this is not the John Cena who has been on the WWE scene for a substantial amount of uninterrupted time. This is the John Cena who just returned from injury, the man who has not been on the active roster since losing to Daniel Bryan back at SummerSlam.

John is the face of WWE, the guy that everything revolves around. And while it's not out of the question for him to drop the belt in any other situation, the fact is that he just returned. Not only did he just return, he won the World title in his first match back.

To imagine him losing that title to Del Rio at Survivor Series just does not seem like a plausible scenario. The timing certainly does seem to be off. So if that is the case, then what will Cena do after Survivor Series is over? Who will be the next man to step up to the plate?

For me, the entire roster is wide open. Since the Money in the Bank briefcase is no longer in play, we are not limited to just a handful of potential challengers or inevitable cash-in to be concerned with. Now, any heel that is good enough to get substantial heat with the crowd is an option to face John in a future storyline.

The first man in line after Alberto has to be the man that lost the Money in the Bank case to begin with, Damien Sandow.

Sandow took the fight to John on Raw and even though he did not come away with the win, the truth is that there does seem to be some unfinished business. Sandow did look very strong in that match and I believe that WWE is perhaps very happy with just how well he's done lately.

And the issue of whether or not he could eventually go over on Cena for the World Championship may be irrelevant. The real point here is that Sandow needs to be tested against the top talents in WWE and it does not get any bigger than John Cena.

As long as Damien looks good in the rivalry may be the only thing that matters. If WWE can find a way to make that happen without Sandow having to win the World title, then it could be a win-win situation all the way around.

Antonio Cesaro is a name that has been mentioned recently. Antonio is a Superstar who has been very impressive as of late and if there is an unexpected challenger for Cena's World title waiting in the wings, it could be Cesaro. I for one like this possibility as Cesaro has definitely put the work in to receive something more than a tag team spot.

Of course, whether or not that happens is anyone's guess. But if it does, Cesaro would be in a very similar spot as Sandow; he does not necessarily have to win the championship to look strong. All he needs is the opportunity to show what he can do on a main event level and I think he could more than impress.

Another name that has really not been mentioned but could be a wildcard choice to face Cena is Bray Wyatt.

The intriguing aspect of Bray possibly feuding with Cena is the fact that unlike Sandow and Cesaro, Wyatt would likely not care about the World Championship. For Bray, physically terrorizing Cena, keeping him off his game with his endless mysterious riddles, would be prize enough.

Bray's gimmick is all about playing mind games. He does whatever is necessary to mentally assault others, to keep them guessing and throw them off balance. And if he gets within thirty feet of John Cena, he will do the exact same thing. For Bray, this could be the thing that propels him up the ladder in WWE.

And I for one would be very interested to see how all of that could play out.

Despite who steps up to the plate against John Cena, the truth is I believe he's definitely going over at Survivor Series. And when he does, he will almost certainly need a new dance partner for the weeks that follow.

All that's left now is to wait and see what happens next. 

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for the Camel Clutch Blog

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