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Year End Awards: Best WWE Feud Of 2013

WWE Feud Of The Year

Truth be told, I always struggle with doing lists. Top Five. Best of. Countdown. You name it; I am just not a fan of the concept. Right when I finish something up, another candidate springs up. Then when I revise my previous entry, ANOTHER candidate comes into my memory. Then I start changing the order around. Then it just becomes a mess. Thus, be forewarned now: I am never 100 percent set on these spots. If you ask me tomorrow, it may change. If you ask me the next day, it may change yet again. That is why I tend to stay away from this stuff.

Lucky for all of you though, I do enjoy the annual 'year end awards' that you see pop up all over the internet. Sports, movies, television shows, wrestling - it is all in good fun. Like every year, I have ranked a bunch of categories (match, feud, diva, etc.). Therefore, for the next week or so, I will be revealing them all the way up to the new year. Hope you enjoy!

5. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Rock from early 2013 - I think everybody knew what the endgame was coming out of 2012. Punk would hold the WWE Title for over a year. The Rock would win the strap at the Royal Rumble. John Cena would get a title shot somehow and defeat Rocky at WrestleMania 29. Simple enough, right? Yet, WWE took us in many different ways all leading to the same exact payoff many predicted months in advance. We saw two very good Punk/Rocky title matches, Cena winning the Rumble, as well as a classic on Raw between Punk/Cena before getting a rematch of Rock/Cena for the belt. Great stuff.

4. Daniel Bryan proves himself - This was a running theme for the first half of 2013. From the pairing with Kane all the way to the WWE Summerslam main event, Daniel Bryan felt like the weak link. Despite everybody telling him otherwise, he believed it to be true each and every week. With the support of the WWE Universe and fellow wrestling personalities, he lived up to all the hype. A clean title win over Cena at the second/third biggest pay-per-view of the year...unreal. No doubt, Bryan has proved all the doubters wrong and even himself during the process.

3. Rhodes Brothers fired and rehired - Such a throwback. Once Dusty Rhodes gets involved, you know things are getting good. Cody Rhodes had lost to Randy Orton and was subsequently shown the door. While Goldust returned to stand up for his brother, it was all for nothing. He lost as well to Randy Orton and fired. Once The Shield got dragged into this mess, it was an all out brawl come Battleground. With their jobs on the line, the Rhodes Family came through. Since then, they added the WWE Tag Team Titles to their waists and have done a wonderful job since.

2. The Authority takes on the full roster - Most people can relate to this. Controlling boss. Uptight authority figure. Giving you orders. Not valuing your worth. Treating you unfairly due to favorites. Just a never ending grind. Every time Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talked down to the roster, you knew they just wanted to fight back with anger. Yet, they couldn't. While this was short lived, it was an amazing sight to see the Superstars revolt on Raw. From Big Show to the Usos to Daniel Bryan to recently CM Punk and John Cena, they have all had enough.

1. CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman - There was no other choice. This had to be number one. These two have been either fighting as friend or foes all year. They fit together like peanut butter and jelly. All the while, their rivalry against each other was just as entertaining. Good friend, better enemies? I would say so. Chris Jericho was included. Brock Lesnar was there for Summerslam. Curtis Axel was in the mix, as was Ryback. In the ring or out the microphone, there are no better guys than Paul Heyman and CM Punk. Hopefully, this feud can carry over into 2014. I'd love to see it.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)
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