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Dean Ambrose is Needed Back on WWE Programming

September 19, 2014
By Tom Clark September 19, 2014(image from Ambrose is currently on the sidelines from WWE. The man known as The Lunatic Fringe was put on the shelf with a storyline injury back on...

Apple Changes Privacy Policy for iOS8 - Won't Hand Over your Data, Even to Police

September 19, 2014
By: Ray Panneton (Twitter: @ray_panneton)If you are an Apple user who is upgrading to iOS8, then you will be required to accept Apple's new privacy policy. Apple has re-tooled their encryption software...

The Layfield Report Mid-Week Weekly Recap

September 18, 2014
Welcome to The Layfield Report Mid-Week Recap for the week of September 17th. Read on to see what you, and others, found interesting this past week in our newsletter. Our top Entertainment story this...

Scotland Opens Polls for Independence Vote

September 18, 2014
By: Ray Panneton (Twitter: @ray_panneton)Voters in Scotland take to the polls today to vote on whether Scotland will sever ties with Britain and become an independent state.In a vote to end the 307-year-old...
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